• 1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner
  • 1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner
1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner

1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CN
Brand Name: HAIRF
Certification: CE 3C RoHS ISO
Model Number: H0271

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: $3236-18000/set
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 35-45days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 500set/month
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Detail Information

Warranty: One Year Color: Black
Flow: 1720-24200m³ Selling Point: Competitive Price
Cooling Capacity: 5.9-102kw Cooling Type: Air Cooled Type
Air Flow: Level Package: Wooden Pack
High Light:

1720m3 Precision Air Conditioner


24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner


1720m3 crac hvac systems

Product Description

380V 610kg Remote Monitoring Computer Room Air Conditioning


HAIRF CE certified Precision air conditioner 380V/50Hz used in High-tech server room air cooling system




HAIRF 30kw split type precision air conditioner CRAC Computer Room Air cooling unit With Humidifier


44kw CRAC Computer Room Air Conditioning unit With Humidifier


HAIRF 41KW Precision Air Conditioner Used for IT Equipment split type air cooling unit 380v


Constant temperature and humidity close control unit 2-door cabinet downflow air supply:

1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner 0

1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner 1

1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner 2


1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner 3

Specifications of Air cooled precision air conditioner models:


Model : HADR/HAUR 0201 0251 0261 0271 0301 0351 0401 0451
Cooling capaciy(1) kw 21.2 23.2 26.8 27.3 31.5 35.6 41.2 44
Air flow m³/h 6530 7050 7280 8500 9000 10000 11000 13000
EER   3.72 3.6 3.6 3.75 3.71 3.71 3.71 3.68
SHR   0.98 0.98 0.92 0.98 0.99 0.98 0.97 0.95
Type   Scroll
Capacily kw 5.2 5.5 5.9 6.2 7.4 8.3 9.3 10.1
Quantity nr 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
I F hned coil evaporator                  
Frontal surface 0.8 0.8 0.8 1.4 1.4 1.4 1.7 1.7
Geometry mm 25X21.65
Type of fins   Hydrophilic
Fin pich mm 1.8
Fan section                  
Type   Centrigugal fan
Quantity nr 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2
Absorbed curent A 2.5 2.5 2.8 3.2 3.5 4.1 4.4 4.9
Absorbed power W 1050 1100 1200 1300 1320 2000 2150 2400
AESP Max Speed(2) Pe 360 360 360 380 380 355 355 355
Air flter                  
Eficiency   EU4
Overall surface 5.8 5.8 5.8 6.5 6.5 6.5 7.8 7.8
Fire resistance dass                  
I Electrical heaters                  
Total heating capacity kw 5 5 5 5 5 8 8 8
Quanlily nr 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Material   PTC
Capacily Kg/h 8-13 8-13 8-13 8-13 8-13 8-13 8-13 8-13
Absorbed power kw 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6
Height mm 1998 1998 1998 1998 1998 1998 1998 1998
Length mm 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1750 1750
Depth mm 795 795 795 795 795 795 795 795
Weight kg 375 385 393 450 490 590 595 610
Sound level                  
Sound pressure level(3) db(A) 52 53 53 55 56.5 58 60 60

1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner 4




1 High quality control component

It strictly complies with CE and IEC standards and is empowered with advanced electric control technology and able to work under a power source of 380V±20%. In addition, it is installed with a power supply protection module, enabling it to make a selection of protective value in a range of 380V±50%. When voltage goes beyond the selected range, it will automatically protect the unit. While the voltage becomes normal, it will automatically restart the unit.

1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner 5

2 Evaporator

An efficient evaporator made from quality material with advanced professional technology and featuring large heat exchange area and the realization of higher sensible heat factor of precision air conditioning unit.

1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner 6

3 Expansion Valve

Expansion valve adopts advanced thermal expansion valves with strong reliability and stability and can precisely control the supply of refrigerant. In order to achieve the reduction of energy consumption for refrigeration equipment, we employ advanced electronic expansion valves in high-performance precision air conditioning units to realize less energy


1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner 7

4 Humidifier

An internationally advanced electrode steam humidification system under which the amount of humidification and water inflow and outflow are all

controlled by computer, the auto cleaning program for the humidifier cylinder ensure normal humidification effciency of the clinder.

1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner 8

5 Filter

Air filter which is EU4 standard which is metallic bracket , filtering the dust and particulate effectively by air circulation , then purifying the air environment of telecom room.

1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner 9

6 Cabinet

With unique frame design and black steel framewor demonstrating consummate production technology, professional design and elegant appearance, the cabinet guarantees the safety of the unit under any transport condition and operating environment.

1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner 10

7 Scroll Compressor

The core power of the unit is from Copeland hermetic scroll compressor that guarantees the high efficiency ,low noise and the long life of the unit.

1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner 11


8 Indoor blower fan

A blow fan adopts direct drive centrifugal fan with backward curved blades, the range of static pressure can be adjusted from 0 to 400pa, realizing the continuous operation of 365 days* 24 hours, 10 years’ average life.

The high-performance unit employ energy-saving EC fan controlled by 0-10V signal,DC driven and stepless speed regulation,which is more excellent than traditional fan in energy-saving filed.

1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner 12
9 Heater

An electric heater with perfect overheat protection function and ionization resistance, able to meet environmental requirements of the small heat-load machine rooms for base stations in cold arctic-alpine area.

1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner 13

10 Condenser

With an enclosure of anti-corrosion alloy that ensures service life and appearance of the is elaborately designed and able to satisfy the environmental protection requirements on noise, and a fan speed regulator that controls the rotating speed under different temperature and ensures sound operating effect and energy saving.

1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner 14



1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner 15

1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner 16


1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner 17

1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner 18


Basic Information about Hairf precision air conditioning
1. What is Hairf basic information?
Ans: HEFEI HAIRF INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD Established in 2005, a China Base Air Conditioners manufacturer. Our mother company is Beijing HAIRF.
Products from our factory:
A. Air Conditioners Power Type
B. Split Air Conditioners outdoor condensing units
C. Split Air Conditioners indoor Units
D. Floor Standing indoor Units
E. Fan Coil Type Indoor Units
F. Industrial or Special Precision Cooling
1. Server Room Precision Cooling
2. Industrial Cabinet Cooling
3. Cultivation Climate Control System
4. Rack Cooler: 2.3~3.0KW
5. Server Room Air Conditioners Smart Management System

Ans: We are located in HEFEI City in China mainland.

Ans: You can send us your inquiry by email: dianahong@ hairf.com.cn
Or Call us Tel: +86-551-6353507 at our business hours.

Send us your inquiry in detail, we will be able to service you soon.

4. What is the strength from Hefei Hairf Ltd.?
Ans: As a China air conditioners manufacturer and sell & service our air conditioner products locally in China. We have the abilities and experiences which might be helpful for you.

A. Our engineers’ experiences in HVAC are over 30 Years.
B. For one stop shopping, you can buy both indoor & outdoor units, or SKD Parts from us.
C. We do R&D for air conditioners and precision cooling on our own.
D. We have the ability to design your products based on your requirement.

Split Air Conditioners or SKD Parts from about Hefei Hairf Ltd.
5. If you are looking for the possibility for manufacturing your own spilt air conditioners in your market, what is Hefei Hairf Ltd. able to do for you?
Ans: We will be happy to serve you for the SKD parts for both outdoor and indoor units.

Outdoor units
Indoor units
Floor Standing Type units

6. If you are looking for whole outdoor units including housing, condenser, fan and control SKD parts, will Hefei Hairf Ltd provide for you?
Ans: We will be able to provide you metal housing and whole parts coming with the housing. The range of SKD parts of outdoor unit will be in different power

There are several options for fixed speed or inverter types. Send us for your detail inquiry by email.

7. What kind of compressor does Hefei Hairf Ltd. provide?
Ans: We provide mostly Japan and Jermany brand compressors including Panasonic, Copeland

8. If we need Inverter solutions does Hefei Hairf Ltd. provide this service?
Ans: Yes, we do provide Inverter solution for SKD parts too. We will provide whole set including outdoor and indoor units for you

Precision Cooling or Industrial cooling from Hefei Hairf Ltd.
9. We are looking for precision cooling solutions, what is Hefei Hairf LTD. able to do for us?
Ans: Hefei Hairf LTD. is able to provide you our integrated solution for our precision cooling for both outdoor and indoor units.

Our precision cooling technology covers outdoor DC inverter compressor and fans, also indoor DC or EC fans for specific precision control.

Currently, we do have our own precision technology for server room precision cooling air conditioner in large range power. This technology will apply for whole set of cooling demand of industrial purposes.

10. What kind of technology does Hefei Hairf Ltd. use for precision cooling?
Ans: Hefei Hairf Ltd. We have over 30 years of HVAC experiences and programming experiences in data center controllers and applications.

Generally we do control DC compressor, digital expansion valve, DC/EC fans, according to heating load, temperature and refrigerant system pressure sensors from both indoor and outdoor units. Through touch screen Human Interface, we will provide more user friendly solution for you.

11. What brand of compressor does Hefei Hairf LTD. use for precision cooling?
Ans: Mostly we do use DC Scroll Compressor and inverter control units. We use the same Compressor and controller as the well known company does.

12. What kind of controller does Hefei Hairf LTD. use for precision cooling?
Ans: We do use KALE,COPELAND Industrial controller, which help us control DC compressor, digital expansion valve, DC/EC fans, according to heating load, temperature and refrigerant system pressure sensors from both indoor and outdoor units. Through touch screen Human Interface, we will provide more user friendly solution for you.

13. If we are looking for company to ODM or OEM your special cooling, could we contact you for further information?
Ans: Yes, you are very welcome to provide your demand or inquiry, we will be able to help you based on all our experiences.


Trade Show:

1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner 19



1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner 20



1720m3-24200m3 Precision Air Conditioner 21

Q:What are your factory main products?
A:Precision Air Conditioners,UPS & Data center.
Q:How to choose Precision air conditioner and UPS brand?
A:Hairf brand have reliable quality and reasonable price.
Q:What is your company strength?
A:A strong team with more than 20 years of experiences of manufacturing air conditioners and
UPS,we have our own Lab,R&D Center,Assembly Line, QC Staff & Equipments.
Q:What about the Warranty Service?
A:AII products have 1 year guarantee under no artificlal damage.

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